Quality Ingredients

Flipside is committed to serving all-natural, high quality meats. Our hamburgers are made from premium Angus beef.

You can be sure that all of our Beef and Poultry are:

1) Raised free-range in a humane and natural environment.
2) Fed a nutritious, high quality vegetarian diet.
3) Never administered antibiotics

Flipside proudly serves local produce whenever possible and knows that high quality, locally produced food creates a better tasting meal every time!

Its no surprise that recent customers have had this to say:

fresh_flipsideExcellent bun lightly toasted, high-quality meat cooked to my liking, cheese, lettuce, tomato all top notch.” – Marc

The burgers are great, made with high quality ingredients, and cooked just right.” – Marina C

The tomato slices are thick. The lettuce is always fresh and crisp oh man.” – Ron